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Basic payroll processing is one thing. Our payroll services can help you make sure employees get paid on time, however, growing companies need help attracting and retaining talented employees that will be the backbone of the organization. HR as a service is a great way to make sure your people are treated the way they deserve.


We are not headhunters pushing resumes at every opportunity. We also won’t recruit your people out the backdoor while standing in the front door. We are a low-key recruiter who finds talent the old-fashioned way – through our existing networks and word of mouth. We work with organizations of all sizes and find talent locally, nationally and globally. We specialize in C- level executives and finance professionals, but can help you fill any open position.

Full Service HR

We can get your HR off the ground and help you manage it without having to hire an HR department. This area is too complex to ignore and the costs of non-compliance are high. We can manage your recruiting and hiring (job descriptions, interview assistance, reference checks), onboarding and off-boarding, even deal with grievances and investigations. We can also navigate compensation studies, performance reviews, benefit options, training and development.

Organizational and Cultural Development

Want to be a “Great Place to Work”? Let us help you build a culture that aligns with your core values and attracts team members who wake up excited to come to work every day.  Do you have high performers that need development and coaching?  Let us develop a plan to help you retain and make them an essential part of your future.

Special Projects

Do you need someone to document policies and procedures? Do you have an

employee handbook? Whatever comes up, it will likely affect your employees. Let us help you

during that next transaction or growth phase, even if it is just an interim solution or short-term

support in a specific area.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

In a one-on-one setting, we add measurable value to all entrepreneurs to maximize their businesses potential and impact.

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