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5 Things Small Businesses Should Be Thankful For

The Thanksgiving holiday has its roots in European harvest festivals, culminating with a gathering of friends and family for a Thanksgiving feast. Although we are no longer dominated by an agrarian society, Thanksgiving still represents the most profound attitude that can affect your life on a daily basis – GRATITUDE. Realizing what you already have is a powerful tool because it redirects thoughts of unfulfilled desires towards an attitude of prosperity.

This week, you should take the opportunity to review the many blessings you have received and expose those areas in your life that are wealthy, abundant and prosperous. That includes showing gratitude within your business. Here are 5 things every small business should be thankful for:

1. Existing Customers – Too many businesses focus more on getting new customers than they do servicing their existing customers. Offering a 10% discount to attract business? You should offer that to the customers who are actually paying you. The best way to get new customers is through referrals from existing customers. Make sure they receive exceptional service.

2. Mentors – Whether you realize it or not, you did not get here alone. Along the way, someone influenced you. Hopefully you are actively engaging with mentors and coaches – whether they are paid professionals or just a friend to share a beer with – always remember those you can count on for guidance.

3. Key Team Members – Sometimes a business owner feels overwhelmed because it seems they have to do everything themselves. If you have an employee that you can trust, don’t take that for granted. Delegation is difficult, unless you have a key employee that will take the responsibility as seriously as you do.

4. The Internet – This is the best time to be an entrepreneur. With the power of the Internet at your fingertips, knowledge is no longer a competitive advantage. Knowledge is now just a commodity as the Google search becomes the great equalizer. A social media post is like buying billboards and Super Bowl commercials – except its free! Those who work hard and use resources like the Internet to their advantage will succeed.

5. Friends and Family – There is a reason you gather around friends and family for a Thanksgiving feast. It’s the same reason the first series of equity capital is called a friends and family round. These are people who believe in what you are doing because they believe in you. Don’t let them down, even if the business fails.

An attitude of gratitude adjusts your mind to focus on the positive. Concentrate on what you already possess and you will find it easier to focus on what is possible and what you can accomplish, versus what you lack and what you have failed to get thus far.

Happy Thanksgiving!

David is a C-Suite financial executive who also provides coaching and inspiration to anyone who will listen. His company, Accounting Bullpen LLC, strives to create a better every-day life for a business owner whose passion is interrupted by bookkeeping.

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